Corporate Center


SCC Receives the Kingsley Excellence Award For Two Consecutive Years

Schaumburg Corporate Center once again exceeded all scores on the Kingsley tenant satisfaction survey securing the Kingsley Excellence Award, which distinguishes properties that outperform the Kingsley Index™ industry benchmark for overall tenant satisfaction. Properties that receive this award go above and beyond to ensure their tenants are satisfied with their experience at the property. Awards are distributed each year based on the property’s current year performance.

About Kingsley Associates

Since 1985, real estate leaders have turned to Kingsley Associates to provide actionable intelligence through tailored survey programs and proprietary industry benchmarks. Our data and insight drive smarter and more informed decisions focused on enhancing operations, retaining tenants, and driving employee engagement.

About the Kingsley Index™

The Kingsley Index™ is the largest and most comprehensive performance-benchmarking database in the real estate industry. Compiled from over 30 years of analyzing the performance of real estate leaders, the proprietary index is the industry standard for measuring tenant satisfaction. Kingsley Associates surveys over 120,000 tenants annually across more than 2 billion square feet of commercial space on behalf of its clients.